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Professionalism: We employprofessional talents, provide them with normative induction training andon-the-job training, and encourage them to improve their professional skills continuously and to fully reflect the competence and professionalism of themselves as well as the company.

Honesty: The staff can keep the promise and treat clients with honesty.

Cooperation: We treat our staff as an integrated part of our company. Through mutual help, support and cooperation, we have built a team that is the most efficient and cohesive so asto realize the maximum value of themselves and the company.

Sharing: Our staffs sharewith each other successful experience and failed lesson. Everyone is both a teacher and student in the process of giving and receiving.

Innovation: We follow the trend of the era and develop new business so as to promote and improve our company constantly. We seize tightly the initiative, build elaborately brandimage, and give strong impetus for the sustainable development of our company.

Equality: Our company upholds "staff-oriented" management pattern, promises to treat every staff with justice and equity, and makes sure that they can reach equally corporate welfare and that they have the equal opportunity in promotion and development space.

Respect: We advocate “open communication” to respect our staff's right to express their opinions freely, and to encourage them to offer positive advice about corporate management and development. They also treat each other with respect and have helped create a harmonious and friendly work atmosphere.

Reliability: Our staffs take good care of every project and make efforts to win reliability from our clients.